Wednesday, May 25th
thru Sat., May 28th
at the
South Sidney
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Sunday, May 29th
3:00 pm

Vicar Sara Kayser
from Settlement Lutheran Church
will be presiding.

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Friends of South Sidney Cemetery, Inc.
Sidney Township, Montcalm County, Michigan

South Sidney Cemetery      South Sidney Cemetery


The South Sidney Cemetery Association is excited to announce the creation of a new sister organization, Friends of South Sidney Cemetery, Inc.!   As many of our South Sidney families are aware, interest income from our Perpetual Care Fund has diminished substantially in recent years, earning less than $50.00 in 2015.  The cemetery board is required by law to securely maintain the fund principal, and is allowed to spend only the interest income.  Because the annual expenses to operate the cemetery total in excess of $5,800, the association relies on donations from South Sidney families to meet the ongoing costs.

In an effort to find a more suitable investment, the Association board decided to contact the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) to investigate the options available for setting up an endowment fund.  We learned that in order to be eligible to work with the Foundation we needed to create a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

After much research, and consultation with an attorney, the board voted to set up a separate corporation called Friends of South Sidney Cemetery, Inc.  In July 2015, Articles of Incorporation were submitted to the State of Michigan to establish Friends as a nonprofit corporation.  At the same time an Employer Identification Number was requested and received from the Internal Revenue Service.  Official application was made in September 2015 to the Internal Revenue Service for the charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation, with approval being granted just three months later, on December 22, 2015.

The Perpetual Care Fund, which was being held in a money market account at Huntington Bank, was recently transferred to an “Agency Endowed Fund” at the Greenville Area Community Foundation. This type of fund is for use only by the Friends and does not offer grants to other organizations.

All perpetual care fees collected will now be deposited in the Agency Endowed Fund at GACF.  Earnings from the fund will not be available for distribution to the Friends for a couple of years.  Although the Agency Endowed Fund will certainly provide a base of income (approximately $1,700 annually) for the cemetery in the future, it will be necessary to rely on the continued generosity of our South Sidney donors to maintain the current level of maintenance.

Donations from individuals for upkeep of the cemetery grounds will be put in the Friends of South Sidney Cemetery’s checking account to supplement the GACF distributions for ongoing maintenance.

Please be aware that contributions you place in the collection plate at the sanctuary’s service at Memorial Day are not received by the cemetery association.

Also, the cemetery has never been supported by any governmental sources.

Some advantages of the obtaining the 501(c)(3) designation and investing with the GACF are as follows:
• The cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund is permanently and safely held at GACF.
• Friends is now eligible to apply for grants from other funds held at the Foundation.
• Your contributions are fully deductible on your income tax return.
• Individuals may include Friends of South Sidney Cemetery in their estate planning.

The South Sidney Cemetery Association will continue to retain ownership of the cemetery property, carry liability insurance, file the annual License to Operate a Cemetery report with the state, maintain burial records, maintain veterans list and arrange for flags at Memorial Day, sell burial lots, and retain the sexton to locate graves/arrange for grave openings and installation of foundations/repair marker foundations.

Your much appreciated donations can now be made payable to Friends of South Sidney Cemetery, Inc. and sent to:

Paula Christiansen, Treasurer
108 W. South Street
Greenville, MI 48838

Thank you for your continued support of our historic Danish cemetery!


Early Cemetery
Cemetery - May 2004
Cemetery - May 2004
Cemetery - May 2004
Cemetery - May 2004
Cemetery - May 2004

Rev. Ole Amble

75th Aniversary - 1964

The May 2004 photos are by John Anderson
(copyright 2004)
Altar Painting

Early Church
Early Church Interior
Church Interior - May 2004
Church Interior - May 2004
Church Interior - May 2004
Church Interior - May 2004
Church Interior - May 2004

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